Wheel Balancing Fresno

Proper Truck Wheel Alignment Is Necessary For Safe Truck Driving!

Are you scheduling regular Wheel alignment?

How do you know if your commercial vehicle needs a wheel alignment?

  • Your truck has started to pull to one side.
  • Since finding a snag, the front end is trembling.
  • Your steering wheel is not balanced.
  • Uneven wear and tear are visible on your front tires.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to get your wheel alignment done. Fuel and tires are the two most expensive operating costs in the transportation industry. Although keeping your tires pointed straight can help you save money on fuel, scheduling regular commercial truck trailer alignments can help you save money on overall operating costs.

While all of your vehicle’s wheels should be perfectly aligned, one or two will lose alignment over time. This causes the vehicle to pull in one direction, causing premature tire and suspension wear. Such problems can be avoided with regular wheel alignment service.

The team at PMI Truck and Trailer Alignment ensures that you are driving a stable and dependable vehicle at all times. Improve Fuel Mileage & Reduce Truck Operating Costs with total truck trailer alignment at PMI wheel alignment.


PMI wheel alignment is the leading truck trailer alignment shop in Fresno, California. We provide full alignment services for all makes and models of trucks and trailers, including semi-trucks, commercial trucks, medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Although each trailer, truck, or semi-truck has its own set of specifications, most vehicles, including those in Fresno, CA, require annual wheel alignment inspections. The frequency of wheel alignment service is determined by how much you drive and the type of driving you to do—for example, stop-and-go vs. highway driving. Routine commercial truck alignments can aid in the reduction of abnormal tire wear that occurs over thousands of miles. To keep the fleet running smoothly, we recommend arranging regular professional wheel alignments every 50,000 to 60,000 miles for your commercial vehicle.

Our commercial truck wheel alignment specialists are familiar with all scenarios and signs of misalignment. Our state-of-the-art truck wheel alignment equipment locates misalignment problems easily and efficiently. Highly skilled mechanics handle all computerized equipment and perform precise wheel alignment. We also diagnose and fix other issues that could lead to bigger problems down the road when aligning your vehicle. So if you are looking for a truck or Trailer Alignment in Fresno, let us help you keep your operating costs down and your commercial trucks driving and handling true. Stop by today!


We specialize in truck Trailer Wheel Alignment Fresno. Our aligners are professionals who use the most up-to-date laser wheel alignment technology to produce the best results. If you suspect a problem or are dissatisfied with the efficiency of your tire, please contact us to get it fixed affordably.

Having the wrong people do it, may do more damage to your vehicle, if not outright, than in the long run. You want professionals on the job because they are an important part of the repair and operation of your trucks. Trust your wheel alignment only with the best service. PMI wheel alignment, a well-established service shop providing truck trailer wheel alignment across Fresno County and nearby areas, handles a wide variety of wheel alignment issues. Bring your commercial vehicle to our shop for efficient support from experts who appreciate the value of precise wheel alignments. Our well-experienced specialists will ensure that appropriate wheel alignment services are provided to your heavy-weight vehicle.

Contact the experts at PMI Truck and Trailer Alignments in Fresno, CA, for expert wheel alignment services. Make your appointment now for reasonable and reliable service. Contact us to learn more.