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Has your vehicle hit a pothole recently? Are you feeling tremors in your steering wheel? When you’re driving, does your vehicle “pull” to one side or the other? All these indicate that there could be a problem with your vehicle’s wheel alignment. But what is Wheel alignment, exactly? What is the point of it? Why is it important? The professionals at Truck Trailer Alignment have revealed all you need to know.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the process of correcting the angles of your vehicle’s wheels to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. The wheels on your vehicle were perfectly aligned to the ideal requirements when manufactured, but over time, the alignment of your vehicle deteriorates. Misalignment problems can cause major safety and performance problems, as well as expensive repairs. Improper wheel alignment and varied angles of your wheels can only be corrected by a wheel alignment expert. Professionals at Truck Trailer Alignment offer high-quality precise wheel Alignment in Fresno, CA at reasonable prices.

The vehicle is placed on a wheel alignment machine to align the wheels. The technician will set and modify the suspension components back to factory standards using the equipment, which employs specified measures. Camber, caster, and toe are the most frequent alignment angles. There are a lot of factors that disrupt your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Usually alignment issues develop over time as a result of normal ‘wear and tear’ on parts. However, misalignment can also occur by specific events, such as a collision with a nasty pothole or a high curb. After an accident, it’s typical to have alignment issues, and if the suspension has been elevated or lowered to modify the ride height, the wheels will need to be realigned to ensure that your vehicle meets the manufacturer’s specifications. So, how can you know whether your vehicle needs wheel alignment?

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Signs that your vehicle needs Wheel Alignment

  • If you’re driving down a level, straight road, your steering wheel should be straight, centered, and still. When driving straight, your steering wheel gets off-centered, or at an odd angle due to poor alignment.
  • Your alignment is wrong if your vehicle slides to the left or right when going straight along a levelled road. If your steering wheel rattles while driving, this could be another sign that your wheels are out of alignment.
  • If your camber adjustment is off, your tyres will wear unevenly, especially around the edges. Due to incorrect wheel alignment, your vehicle will also feel unstable and loose when driving straight and turning.
  • When you start driving or drive around turns, you may hear squeaking, creaking, knocking, or rubbing, which could indicate steering and suspension issues. If your vehicle leans to one side as soon as you let go of the steering wheel, it’s most likely due to poor wheel alignment.
  • You may also notice vibrations in the steering wheel as a sign of a faulty alignment. This problem is usually by ice in the wheels in the winter, but it can also be because of misalignment.

Benefits of a Proper Wheel Alignment

  • Proper alignment will lessen the friction between your tyres and the road, resulting in reduced resistance and a longer tyre life.
  • Because reduced friction equals less rolling resistance, your vehicle’s fuel economy improves.
  • By avoiding harmful lurches in your vehicle when you are not gripping the steering wheel strongly, you are assuring a safer ride not only for yourself and your passengers, but also for other people on the road.
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High-Quality Wheel Alignment in Fresno, CA

Aligning your vehicle’s wheels is a difficult operation. It necessitates specialized equipment, a wide range of tools, and a level of expertise that only qualified experts possess. It is generally recommended that you have your wheels aligned by professionals. PMI Wheel Alignment is proud to be the leading wheel alignment service provider, providing high-quality precise wheel alignment in Fresno, CA.

Keep in mind that each vehicle is one-of-a-kind. The alignment requirements for one vehicle will differ from those for another. A professional determines the specifications, which are dependent on the brand and model of your vehicle. Your expert will consider the size, weight, and length of your vehicle before properly aligning it. If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s alignment, or if you are observing uneven tyre wear or vibrations in the steering wheel, visit PMI Wheel Alignment as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your vehicle.